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  • Mold-A-Rama Exhibit Opens at Museum of Science & Industry

    Mold-A-Rama Exhibit Opens at Museum of Science & Industry

    A Mold-A-Rama™ exhibit opened at the Kenneth C. Griffin Museum of Science and Industry (M.S.I.) on Thursday, November 3, A.D. 2022.[1] As I mentioned in an article in September (on my other, more scholarly blog) that concerned the M.S.I. auctioning off items from the Circus exhibit and Zeph the animatronic burro from All Aboard the…

  • Mold-A-Rama Madness

    Mold-A-Rama Madness

    A Mold-A-Rama™ vending machine is a tiny, automated factory that uses an injection molding process to manufacture small, hollow waxy plastic sculptures on-demand that children use as toys and adults keep as souvenirs. [This is a revised and expanded version of an article I wrote for my more scholarly blog In the Garden City. ] Built in…