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  • The History of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres

    The History of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres

    A LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is an indoor attraction, a sort of miniature theme park that is organized vertically with various rides, activities, a 4D cinema, and a café spread out over several floors and a large gift shop in the lobby.  Merlin Entertainments owns and/or manages all of the LEGOLAND® theme parks and LEGOLAND® Discovery…

  • What is Brickmania?

    What is Brickmania?

    Like building with LEGO® bricks?  Like vehicles from World War 2?  Then Brickmania’s the place for you!  At least, that’s the company’s reputation. This is a matter of an organization having evolved and narrowed its focus as Brickmania, L.L.C. originally made a product line of medieval civilian buildings that supplemented the LEGO® Castle theme before…